Beaches in India


Beaches for ages have played host to man’s ecstasy, by providing the perfect atmosphere for reacting upon the basic instinct to rejoice and make merry. The breathtaking view of the never ending sea always bolsters the spirit of man to get the better things in life. The soothing sea breeze adds to the already sensual atmosphere and play upon the senses of the human beings to take their imagination to cloud nine. India is no different when it comes to beaches with three major water bodies covering half of the land in this country.

Beaches in India are famous worldwide for the serene beauty they display. The Indian Beaches are heavily promoted these days through different media as a major part of the Tourism in India.

Over the years it has become a very popular holiday destination for the tourists flocking from the foreign shores.

There are innumerable beaches in India thus it is difficult to discuss every beach separately. To make the process easier they have been classified on the basis of the region they are located into.


Goa is among the hottest tourist spot in India. It is believed to earn the maximum foreign currency through tourism. For ages it has been named the paradise for the people wanting to indulge into all the fun and frolics in life. Goa is a state in India with rules and regulations to favor the tourists. Some of the popular beaches on the land of Goa are Anjuna, Baga, Kalangut, Dona Paula, Miramar, Vagator and several other big and small beaches.

Andhra Pradesh

Eight out of the twenty-three districts in Andhra Pradesh are directly situated on the coast. Coastline of the state of Andhra Pradesh is famous because they are naturally enriched. The beaches in this state are still not as much explored as the other Beaches in India. Thus the virgin beaches of the state stretched over a length of 1000 kms attract the imagination of people. Some of the popular beaches in this part of the country are Bheemunipatnam Beach, Ramakrishna Beach, Manginapudi Beach, Mypad Beach and several other big and small beaches.


The beaches of this state are spreads over an area of 900 kms length. The sandy beaches of this state have never been into the limelight due to the presence of the beautiful backwaters in this state. The palm trees and rocky promontories act as the ornament to the beaches in this state. Some of the popular beaches in the state are Kovalam, Marai, Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Beypore, Varkala, and several other beaches.


The long coastline if Orissa has made it another favorite beach destination among the tourist. The white sand of the beaches of Orissa has been enthralling the crowd for ages. Puri is among the favorite Hindu pilgrimage due to the presence of the Jagannath Temple. The other beaches in the state are Gopalpur on sea, Chandipur, Konark beaches and several others.

Apart from this holiday beach destinations there are several other states hosting beaches. The other states with some of the popular beaches are Gujrat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and some of the other states.