Medical Tourism

Recover Discover Healthcare was founded in early 2006 and is one of the Leading Medical Value Travel companies in India. Recover Discover Healthcare has been helping people looking for Safe, High Quality & Economical Healthcare options in India. We have an Exclusive Tie-up with the Fortis Group of Hospitals which is amongst India’s largest Private Hospital chains. The Fortis Hospital in Bangalore (also known by its old name Wockhardt Hospital) has been voted as Number 1 of the World’s 10 Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists, by the Medical Travel and Tourism Quality Alliance – MTQUA. We are honored and proud to stand by our tagline – care . beyond . boundaries.

We at Recover Discover Healthcare appreciate the opportunity you give to us to help you achieve a better and healthier lifestyle.

Most medical tourism facilitators work with a large number of hospitals and offer varying specialist surgeries across different hospitals. This makes the process difficult to control and audit, different hospitals offer varying levels of patient care based on their culture. In view of this Recover Discover has decided to Exclusively partner with Fortis Healthcare.

This gives us a far greater ability to control the patient care delivery from one central point. A complete range of Surgical and Non-Surgical options are available from one hospital provider.

We also share the same Corporate philosophy as Fortis wherein we both believe in offering our patients the Highest Level of Care and Medical Expertise at an Affordable price point. Both Recover Discover  and Fortis Healthcare have extensive experience of having dealt with medical travellers from various geographies.

Healthcare and Hospitals in India – Key Benefits offered by Recover Discover

  • High Quality World Class Medical Care
  • 3 Affiliate Hospitals are JCI Acredited – The U.S Gold Standard for Tertiary care
  • Economical and Affordable Pricing
  • Use of World Class Implants and Consumables
  • Zero Wait Times for Surgeries
  • Fluent English Speaking hospital staff